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About Us

Mission Statement:
BST, Inc. will exceed our customers’ expectations on repair services, products and customer service.
We will repair you used medical equipment at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
Our company will buy any used medical equipment you have. Save the environment and money.

Our Core Values:
Our actions are based on the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
We exhibit professionalism and diligence in the execution of our tasks and responsibilities while striving to continuously improve the quality of what we do.

BST, Inc. was built to provide the highest quality of service and availability of products to Biomeds and Medical facilities without taking a huge bite out of your budget. We are a specialty company, which means that all of the services provided by BST, Inc. are done by skilled professionals. Make BST, Inc. a name you can depend on and trust. All Products and repair services can be easily ordered here on our site or you can call 888-374-5089 to order with one of our customer service representatives.

With a focus on availability of products, quick precision repair services, and enthusiastic customer service, BST, Inc. is eager to serve you. We aim to provide the products and services you need, fast and hassle free. You have the option to order 24/7 online or Monday – Friday; 7AM–5PM PST by phone. **If you are in need of a product that you don’t see on our website, just let us know. With our extensive network of dealers and suppliers, we will always find what you need.**

We Care:
BST, Inc. emphasizes re-use and recycle to our upmost capabilities. 95% of our products are recycled, not thrown away. Repair your broken transducers, cables, and medical devices don’t replace them. We also offer a service of purchasing broken transducer cables to be recycled.

Biomedical Services:
At BST, Inc., we provide high-quality biomedical repair services and medical equipment maintenance. We can calibrate and service most medical devices on the market from simple AHA updates to a complicated defibrillator repair, and much more. All bio-medical repairs come with a one year limited warranty.

BST, Inc. repairs thousands of products including:

  • Fetal Transducers
  • SpO2 Finger Probes
  • SpO2 Extension Cables
  • HP/Philips Modules
  • Vacuum Wall Regulators
  • Flat Screens
  • Autopsy Saws
  • Cast Cutters
  • Phaco Handpieces
  • and many more…

For all repair services, email us at

Products include:
Anesthesia Monitors, Autoclaves, Defibrillators, Diagnostic Systems, EKGs, ESUs, Fetal Monitors, Infusion Pumps, Monitors, Scales, SpO2 Monitors, Suction Units, Tables / Lights, Ventilators, and Vital Signs Monitors.

For sales, email us at

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